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We are currently creating our own high quality commercial, office, retail, logistics, warehouse & self-storage properties. In addition, we bring a competitive market like the real estate market, which is the only way to successfully market your property.

We make sure that the right buyer becomes aware of your property. This can also mean working regionally and internationally.
We also ensure that you do not have to sell your property below market value, but also that you find the right buyer for your property.
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Industry sales
Industry sales in Almeria

For sale, 2 poultry sheds on 2 hectares and 300 almond trees in productive.

Consists first shed:
9 fans
Water reservoir 18,000Litres
Size of shed 1400m2
Silo at each end of the hall at main feed end
Capacity 32,000 birds.
Automatic cooker with fan
Drinking water from Lorca
Second shed
8 fans
Water reservoir 20,000Litres
Size of shed 1200m2
Silo have end 16,000 kg
Capacity 32,000 birds.
Automatic cooker with fan
Code Riga
Have small office
Generator set
Subsidy for the almonds trees
Network failure
1:26   min Alicante
00:59 min Murcia
2:07   min Almería
3:48   min Málaga
Lorca city 45 min and Caravaca 10 min. 
480,000€ +3% comission
Not inclusing Notary, register and taxes.

For sale an olive mill with two production lines between Almeria and Murcia.

  • IMG_6932-cmid_qcp8b-bpxvu
  • IMG_6933
  • IMG_6934
  • IMG_6935
  • IMG_6936
  • IMG_6937
  • IMG_6938

1:42 Alicante
1:08 Murcia
1:09 Almeria
3:15 Malaga
400,000€ sale
+3% commission
Cost of registration, notary and capital gains not included.

Water factory on Alicante 

  • IMG_6976
  • IMG_6975
  • IMG_6974
  • IMG_6973

Water factory with 3 springs in a very good area easy to export from Alicante or Almeria .
Every hour 15000 litres
X 24 hours 360000 litres per day x 365 days 131,400.000 million litres.
4 production lines
Processing formats
5 litres
2 litres
1.5 litres
0.500 cl
0.33 cl


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  • IMG_7063
  • IMG_7064
  • IMG_7065

For sale warehouse 286 M2 plus land 1331m2 to build 60 houses with a project in Pulpi n all services. Car and boat not included PRICE 1.500.000€ +3% for more information text me.